About Restorative Partners

What We Believe.

Our professional staff and an army of volunteers offer programs, services, homes & relationships that empower mind-body-spirit & community transformation.

About Restorative Partners

Restorative Partners provides services and programs for those in-custody and for those released from the San Luis County Juvenile Hall, Jail, Honor Farm and State Prisons. Our restorative justice approach focuses on mind, body and spiritual transformation, incorporates trauma informed care, addresses responsibility and accountability, and offers accompaniment through reentry mentorship. We also provide clean and sober living homes for men and for women as well as own and operate a home for women who are ready to reunite with their children and move forward with their lives. The goal in all of our transformative work is to reduce violence and lower recidivism by providing a continuum of care from incarceration through reincorporation to our community.

Our Vision and Mission

We envision a safer community where everyone belongs.

We strive to accomplish this through transforming lives impacted by crime through healing services and relationships.

Our Goals

  • We educate the community in the philosophy and practice of restorative justice.
  • We partner with stakeholders to initiate, sponsor, and coordinate services at the SLO County Jail, Juvenile Hall and in the SLO community.
  • We recruit and train volunteers to share their gifts and expertise in our programs.
  • We create a wide base of support to sustain our programs.
Our Beliefs

We believe in accompanying and supporting anyone affected by crime on their healing journey, to be an instrument of restoration, of forgiveness, of accountability, and of reconciliation.

We believe that violence is never a solution to any problem and that every person is endowed with a sacred dignity, and is capable of changing, healing, and being restored.

We believe that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.

We believe that we can overcome violence with education, love, and compassion.