Impact Experience

June 30, 2020

Last year our inaugural Grilled Cheese Festival unveiled a fun way for each guest to become invested in our giving cause. It was called an impact wall. So many times people think it takes a large donation to make an impact. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Small donations snowball into huge impact. Hence, an impact wall. Since we can’t do this in person we have created a virtual one!  This is our online version of last year’s impact wall we’re calling Impact Experience. Your dollar’s count. Even if it’s just a single one. We appreciate everything you do for us and help us accomplish.  Below you will see denomination between $1-500. Attached to each impact are photos from events and programs Restorative Partners serve. These photos represent those that helped support the cause, the mission,  and give us a walk down memory lane. Once you’ve donated, we’d love if you would email us a photo of you/your family and why you’re supporting Restorative Partners. We will be filling our Facebook Event with the faces of our giving community. When all 500 impacts are donated, we will have raised $125,250!

Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping those that need it most.