Housing Program

Home is Where You Make it

We provide housing for individuals coming home from incarceration as part of a continuum of care through reincorporation into the community.

Anna's Home

Paso Robles, Ca.

Anna's Home is a supportive housing program in Paso Robles. Anna's Home provides five women and their children a safe and sober living environment, assist residents with the challenges of securing employment, managing a job and parenting, developing financial literacy and life skills, and acquiring permanent housing so the families may become self sufficient.

Hope House

Los Osos, Ca.

Returning women have the same opportunities and services at our Hope House in Los Osos. We provide 24/7 supervision, transportation, 12-step meetings and book study, life skills training, mentorship, and outpatient treatment at our offices in SLO.

Rapha House

Los Osos, Ca.

Restorative Partners has taken the next step in providing reentry services with an eight bed home for men. This home provides a safe environment for people recovering from addiction and transitioning back into our community. We create an environment which embodies restorative justice practices, supports a clean and sober lifestyle and offers programs that focus on body, mind and spiritual transformation.

LyonHeart Place

San Luis Obispo, Ca.

LyonHeart Place is the main site of  our Mens’ State Parolee Reentry Housing Program. Two homes (Joseph House and Francis House) are situated in a peaceful country setting that provides a clinically structured and supportive environment for returning men that are in need of reentry and recovery services.