In-Custody Programs

The Transition Begins Inside

Our in-reach to individuals who are currently incarcerated, especially youth, supports a multitude of their needs and provides positive social engagement.


Community AA and NA Members provide 12 step Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups.

Art Program

Art classes and projects for the youth to encourage creative self-expression and a way to process their life experiences.

Birthday Event

Every youth in the facility is treated with a cupcake and those with birthdays receive a card and song from the volunteers.

Book Club

Book club meets to discuss books chosen for their relevance, appeal, and educational value. Funding for these books is provided by generous volunteers, United Way Youth Board and donations from the SLO County Public Library.

Chess Club

Chess club provides youth with a stimulating yet rewarding activity that improves memory, problem-solving skills, and ability to think ahead.


Volunteers lead students in cooking classes, expanding skills and confidence in preparing delicious food for themselves and others.

Creative Writing

Creative writing program teaches youth self-expression, literary concepts, and writing styles.

Education/Career Prep

Youth receive assistance with educational needs and preparation for career paths.

Facilitated Curriculum

We offer facilitated curriculum including Crossroads, a cognitive behavioral change curricula.


Youth participate in starting and maintaining a garden including growing of food that they can then eat and utilize in their cooking programs.

Holiday Celebrations

RP Staff and Volunteers provide holiday meals and celebrate with the youth.

Library Program

Book donations are screened, catalogued, and tracked rotating books between storage and housing units.

Music Program

Instructors provide one-on-one, or small group sessions, of guided music lessons.

Ping Pong Program

Youth get to participate in this sport that puts coordination, quickness, and strategy to the test against their peers and our wonderful volunteers!

Pro-Social Sports & Games

Includes stretching, warm-ups, and sports in the yard, where youth learn sportsmanship, teamwork, and healthy competition.

Sunday Service/Bible Study

Bible study and prayer for youth with an interest in Christianity with volunteers from Central Coast Youth for Christ and Shoreline Calvary Chapel. Scripture Sunday Service with Bible readings, music, and communion.