The staff at Restorative Partners serves people impacted by crime with a continuum of services and programs designed to meet their multiple needs.

Cindy Ayala

Mission & Restorative Justice Implementation Director

(805) 242-1272 EXT 178
Gus Chavez

Housing & Treatment Director

(805) 242-1272 EXT 175
David Fields

Finance & HR Director

(805) 242-1272 EXT 177
Sister Theresa Harpin

Executive Director

(805) 242-1272 EXT 164
Jason Hunter

General Manager/Chef @ The Bridge Cafe

(805) 242-1272 EXT
Liz Holly

Reentry Resource Center Director

(805) 242-1272 EXT 165
Shelby Willits

Executive Assistant

(805) 242-1272 EXT 176
Board of Directors
Andrea Devitt

Board Member

Dwayne Brummett


John Maulhardt

Board Member

LaDell Erby

Board Member

Mark Connely


Curtis Abram

Board Member

Peter Aijian

Board Member

Saro Rizzo

Board Member

Traci Kessler

Board Member

John Jacobson

Board Member

Carolyn Wade-Southard

Board Member