Our Leaders

The staff at Restorative Partners serves people impacted by crime with a continuum of services and programs designed to meet their multiple needs.

Sister Theresa Harpin

Executive Director

(805) 242-1272 EXT 164
Brandee Brown-Puett

Operations Director

(805) 242-1272 EXT 163
Vivien Devaney-Frice

In-Custody & Re-Entry Programs Director

(805) 242-1272 EXT 178
Linda Connolly

Interim Clinical Director

(805) 242-1272 EXT 171
Shelby Willits

Executive Assistant

(805) 242-1272 EXT 176
Luis Venegas

Restorative Justice Programs Manager

(805) 242-1272 EXT 165
Valerie Vega

Restorative Justice Programs Coordinator

(805) 242-1272 EXT 166
Jessica Bimstein

Reentry Mentorship Coordinator

(805) 242-1272 EXT 170
Matthew Reed

Reentry Mentorship Coordinator

(805) 242-1272 EXT 169
Arthur Groneman

System Navigator

(805) 242-1272 EXT 172
Patty Schudlich

Resident Coordinator

(805) 242-1272 EXT 179
Solomon Kim

Resident Coordinator

(805) 242-1272 EXT 167
Sister Milda Avila

In-Custody Jail Chaplain

(805) 242-1272 EXT 168
Hilary Campbell

Administrative Coordinator

(805) 242-1272 EXT 162
Joni Martinez

Finance and Employee Benefits Manager

(805) 242-1272 EXT 177
Board of Directors
Mark Connely


Attorney at Hall, Hieatt & Connely, LLP

Sister Barbara Anne Stowasser


Trustee at Mt. St. Mary's University

Saro Rizzo

Board Member

Attorney at Law

Jennifer Adams

Board Member

Executive Director at Lumina Alliance

Peter Aijian

Board Member

Retired Physician

Gary Joralemon

Board Member

Retired Deputy Chief at SLO Probation Dept.

LaDell Erby

Board Member

QA Engineer, DJ & MC

Dwayne Brummett

Board Member

Retired Associate Executive Director - Cal Poly Associated Students, Inc

Matt Janetski

Board Member

VP of Mortgage Lending

Sister Theresa Harpin

Executive Director

Restorative Partners