Transforming Lives
Impacted by Crime through
Healing Services & Relationships

Our professional staff and an army of volunteers offer programs, services, homes & relationships that empower mind-body-spirit & community transformation.

We Believe...

  • Violence is not a solution to any problem
  • Every person is endowed with a sacred dignity
  • Every person is capable of changing, healing, and being restored

Our Approach

Restorative Partners practices Restorative justice, an approach to crime - or wrongdoing - that centers on:

  • The harm that has been done to people and relationships
  • The obligations and responsibilities this harm creates
  • Justice that involves wrongdoers, victims and community members in efforts to heal the harm and right the wrong

Restorative justice acknowledges our interconnectedness as human beings.

We Pledge To...

  • Respect the dignity of every person
  • Overcome violence with love and compassion
  • Accompany and support anyone affected by crime on their healing journey
  • Be an instrument of restoration, forgiveness, and reconciliation